Use a Real Estate Broker If You Are Building a Home in Fort Worth, TX

July 4, 2019

One of the most common real estate myths is that brokers are not needed when a home is being built from the ground up. However, the importance of having someone negotiating on your behalf in any real estate matter cannot be underestimated. Your future home is a large investment of both money and time, and you don’t want to enter into something that momentous without making sure you have the right advisor advocating for you throughout the new construction process. Here are just a few of the many reasons that you will want to search for experienced real estate brokers if you are building a home in Fort Worth TX.

Representation is key

In an effort to save money and avoid hiring a real estate broker, many new construction buyers will try to work with the builder’s representative. However, these representatives are operating with the building company’s best interests in mind, and you will need someone to do the same for you. When you do hire a real estate agent, it’s best to make sure that your agent has experience working with new construction sales.

Keep costs manageable

One of the reasons why the cost of new construction homes creeps up so quickly is because the original estimate doesn’t account for the inevitable design and floor plan changes that occur once the project is underway. To add all of the features you will ultimately need to put your personal touch on your custom home without sending the costs through the roof, you will want to work with an experienced new construction agent. This will provide you with somebody to negotiate the additional costs of your upgrades and potential floor plan changes.

Contracts and inspections

The contract for a new home construction will contain a lot of information, oftentimes in language that can be difficult for the layperson to digest. Having someone on your side that will explain to you what your contract means so that you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to is critical.

Additionally, some buyers believe that because their house is being built brand new, inspections do not have to be completed as they would for an existing home that is being resold. Not only is this not the case, but there are actually several different types of inspections that new home buyers are entitled to. Real estate brokers who are aware of the various contract contingencies that are based on these inspections are a must to keep you protected. No matter how skilled your contractors are, having representation on your behalf to hold them accountable at all times is always recommended.

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